The fifth annual report

The 2024 Future of Product Report


It’s a good year to be a product leader

The Future of Product Report report combines insights from the most reputable research across multiple industries to identify the trends that will affect product leaders throughout 2024 and beyond.

The report serves as a guide for anyone invested in the state and fate of product teams. For each trend we highlight, we provide actionable recommendations to inspire executives and other decision-makers to embrace the rest of the year head-on.

Backed by data from

Product teams are contributing to revenue growth

not just adding user value.


Product teams are sitting at the intersection of Tech and Business

to enable digital transformation.


Product teams are doing more with less

…people who don’t use AI.


Keeping a close eye on AI

We’ve identified ways AI is accelerating these developments and how to take advantage

Boost revenue

AI supercharges product-led growth opportunities

Maximize productivity

AI automation streamlines operations

Decrease costs

Teams that use AI are more agile and efficient

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